Getting stuck in

Right. I’ll get the Mum stuff out of the way first. Last Friday, eldest boy decided that nappies were no longer his thing. The mere sight of those aqua velcro tabs were enough to make him shriek and inform me in no uncertain terms that the nappy was not to be upon his person.

“Right!” I thought to myself. “He’s decided he doesn’t want to wear nappies anymore. So this shouldn’t be too painful”.

Ah. Naive, foolish me of five days ago. The me who had never uttered the words “I’m so proud of that poo!”. The me who had never had human feces on the sole of her foot. It was a simpler time.

In fairness, through the continued nagging of a mother who doesn’t want any more socks made of poo and the application of brazen chocolate button bribery, we appear to be making excellent progress.

And in his defence, there was only poo on the floor because he’d dropped a cling-on on the way to show me the real one he’d done in the toilet.

Well… You can’t have everything

On to the other stuff in my life…

In November, I was lucky enough to attend the inaugural MS Sessions, a conference for young people with MS. Held in Prague

I won’t give you all the nitty gritty here (although my good friend, Mel has written down ALL the nitty gritty in her blog post here)

The main thing I took away from the experience was a sense of empowerment and a desire to make more out of my diagnosis than it took away from me.

So I started to think. What was so empowering about the conference? Mostly it was the sense of community and inclusion. And I thought to myself ‘wouldn’t it be nice to spread that feeling to others’. So I’ve been on a bit of a mission.

I’ve volunteered with my local MS Society Branch. I reached out to them at one of their regular meet-ups and it was clear that a real social element and the presence of younger MS’ers was lacking. They wanted my help and I was very enthusiastic to offer it in any way I could.

So I now run their Facebook page. I’ve updated their events pages and tried to invite as many people to join as possible.

Whilst updating the events, I noticed that they hold three regular meets a month. All of them in different locations (great) and ALL on the same weekday afternoon (less than optimal).

So I’ve found us an accessible venue (read: pub) and am busy working on flyers. I cannot wait to start to grow a local community of MSers who feel included, understood and listened to. I’m thinking Saturday or Sunday afternoons. People will be more likely to be free and it would have a more relaxed feel before the pub fills up and could feel overwhelming to some.

I shall update on the success (or not) of the event once I’ve womaned up, decided on a date and actually started to invite people. Or it will be me alone in a pub with a J2O and morose expression…

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  1. cameonl says:

    Great blog! Keep up the MS site and you’ll soon have more followers than you know what to do with. Down the road, when meetings take off, you might consider a van or something to pick up the MSer’s that can’t transport themselves, as social isolation can be a gigantic issue for some. Also, perhaps held with a daycare option for Mothers who may need a break. Just trying to help fellow MSers. 🙂

    1. They are some brilliant ideas! I’ll definitely keep them in mind. The transport especially as it’s something I might be able to get the local MS Society to help with. Childcare might be a bit harder.
      Thank you for reading 🙂

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